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Student Transfers

Students can and do transfer between UCL Departments as part of their programme and also between institutions as part of the programme or centre.

Occasionally a Supervisor arrives or leaves UCL perhaps requiring a studentship to transfer.

What to Do

Transfer between departments

  • Arrange for account codes to be set up as required

Who to Contact;

Transfer between institutions

  • The losing institution needs to gain agreement for the transfer from HoDs/Centre Director in writing from both institutions.
  • Gain funder authorisation for the transfers in writing as appropriate.
  • Arrange Novation of contracts and issue of sub-contracts as required.

Who to Contact:

Studentship Funding:

  • need to be contacted in all cases to cancel or amend payments to student

Administrators Best Practice

  • Begin these processes early as some may require a little time to complete, for example Novation of contracts/issue of sub-contracts.
  • Where the supervisor is moving to a new position, always gain the Head of Department and funder's authorisation prior to agreeing with the supervisor or student the transfer to another institution.