Research Services


Project Financial Review

All Training grant projects active within the department should have financial checks carried out at least quarterly by the host department/centre staff. 

You should also ensure that the student(s) UKRI Je-S student details (SD) record is correct in all respects.  Updates to Je-S SD should be saved and submitted.

Particular attention should be given to where the student(s) have interrupted or terminated to ensure that the stipends and UKRI Je-S SD have been correctly adjusted and funds clearly marked on the transaction list as returned accordingly.  The UKRI Je-S SD should mirror the Portico student record in this regard.

Any miss-postings or adjustments should be completed immediately; any IDJ’s or IDT’s should have back-up documentation attached during the production and submission on MyFinance.

Where this review is due to the required production of a Final or Interim Expenditure statement then all commitments should be cleared (it is good practice to check these during the quarterly reviews).

You can access the expenditure transactions through either MyFinance or Axiom reporting.

Any queries contact the Research Services Studentships Unit team for advice.