Research Services


Award Transfers

How the Research Finance Office will help;

  • Review and negotiate agreements
  • Liaise with funder and relinquishing institution
  • Activate the grant at UCL so the funds are available for your research 

Please complete the transfer document and email to researchadministration@ucl.ac.uk 

When transferring grants to UCL it is important that to contact Research Services as soon as possible. In our experience transfers can take several months to finalise. 

Key steps in the process

1. Notify all parties (see list below) of your intention to transfer your award including the transfer date

2. The institutions involved will provide paperwork and expenditure information. The legal or Research Contracts staff at each institution will liaise with you over any contractual issues that may need to be resolved prior to transfer

3. You will need to confirm any arrangements for staff and equipment on the award

4. The relinquishing institution will provide a closing budget, checked by the funder and UCL

5. The funder will re-announce the award to UCL

Who to notify regarding a transfer

  • The Research Finance Office (researchadministration@ucl.ac.uk)
  • The relevant administrative staff at the relinquishing institution
  • The funder
  • Any staff employed on the project – consult Human Resources at each institution for assistance
  • Other co-applications or collaborators – they will need to ensure payments and financial reports are up to date

Intellectual Property and Contractual Issues

It is sensible to document any intellectual property (IP) created on the project to date to avoid future ambiguity over ownership.  Please communicate this to research services as soon as possible.   For queries regarding IP and contracts issues, please contact the Research Contracts Office.

If you are transferring a grant from UCL see Transferring Awards from UCL.