Research Services


Successful Applications

Congratulations on receiving funding towards your research project. When you have received formal confirmation of your award, please contact your Research Support Officer, who will guide you through the process of accepting the award and preparing an account for these funds.

To notify Research Services of a successful application, please attach a copy of the award letter to the Documents tab in Worktribe and select the Tag – ‘Award Letter’. Please ensure acceptance forms, terms and conditions, report templates and any other relevant documentation provided to you by the funder are also uploaded to Worktribe. A copy of the submitted application should already have been added to the Documents tab at the Application stage.

When the relevant documents have been attached, notify your RSO of the award, via the comments tab in Worktribe:

Worktribe comments

Award Acceptance

As the delegated Institutional Authority for UCL, Research Services will be responsible for accepting research awards on your behalf. As part of the acceptance process, Research Services:

  • Review the award against the application, providing assurance that the project remains viable within the awarded budget and highlighting any budget variations to the project team.
  • Prepare the budgets for UCL and any external collaborating parties.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the award to ensure they are consistent with UCL policy and research strategy (i.e. freedom to publish results, protection of intellectual property).
  • Provide any relevant documentation required by the funder and formally confirm our acceptance to the funder.
  • Generate MyFinance project and award codes for management of the project.

Research Integrity and Research Ethics

All research staff should be familiar with and adhere to UCL’s Research Integrity and Research Ethics policies. In order to satisfy the requirements of our funders, Research Services will request confirmation that ethical approval, where required, is in place ahead of the project start date.

Research projects requiring ethical approval will only be provided with an account code when confirmation has been received from the relevant ethics body and is added to the corresponding Worktribe record.

In some exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate to generate account codes in advance of ethics approval being granted (e.g. projects with a defined pre-clinical phase). These exceptions can only be authorised by the Director of Research Services and will require additional controls.

Your Research Support Officer can provide further advice and signposting, and applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss any queries relating to ethical approval at the earliest opportunity.