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Quickguide to Worktribe Projects

Worktribe is UCL’s research management system that supports the lifecycle of a project from proposal development to post-award management. Worktribe is accessed via UCL Single Sign-on.

A Worktribe Project is a record of a single grant application – containing the budget, application form, departmental approvals, partner details, and other pertinent information.

A) Creating a Worktribe project

Navigate from the Projects tab to Create Project:

screen shot from Worktribe create a project

A form will appear for entering the project details. Key Details include:

Project Title: Title of the research project
Project Acronym:   4-8 character acronym of the project
Project Description:Abstract of the research project, as per the application form.
Est. Project Dates: Duration of the project (for mid-month start dates, select ‘Other’)
Project Type: What type of project is this (select from drop-down)
Project Activity Type:What type of activity is this (select from drop-down)
Funder: The research sponsor. If unavailable for selection, please contact Research Services
URL of Call: If the application relates to a specific funding call, include the URL
Project Lead:  UCL’s Principal Investigator
Co-Investigator(s):Co-Investigators (for UCL Co-I’s only)
Lead Org Unit:  UCL Department

Create Project Screenshot

Once complete, select Create Project. A project record will now be created, with the Project ID listed in the top left of the screen.

Project Screenshot

All projects begin at Bid Development, and you will be able to Submit for Approval once the relevant tabs are completed.

B) Adding further information

To submit a project for approval, the tabs labelled Details, Partners, Documents, Risk and Budget will need to be completed

Details: To amend any details entered on the Create Project screen, use the pencil icon next to any of the fields.

Partners: If there are any external collaborators or project partners, select Add Partner from within the Partners tab. You can add multiple partners on a single project. If a partner is not available for selection, please contact Research Services

Documents: To add a document, select Add Document from the documents tab, and choose the file to upload. You can either drag and drop the file, or click in the File box to open the browser. Name the file, and select a relevant tag (e.g. Application).

Risk:  Each project requires a completed Risk Assessment prior to submission. Selecting Complete Assessment will generate the online form. When 'Yes' is selected, additional dialogue box’s may appear for you to complete further details. Only one assessment is required per submission. Certain responses generate a warning flag to alert approvers to any potential risks.

C) Adding the Budget

The budget tab is where you enter all of the costs associated with your project.

If you added a Co-I from a different UCL Department, they will have a separate tab to enter their budget details.

You can add new budget lines by selecting on the green plus icon at the end of the relevant category (e.g. Staff, Consumables).

Adding a Budget Line Screenshot

Key Terms:

Directly Incurred (DI) costs are project specific costs. They are supported by auditable records and include, staff directly employed for the project, travel costs and consumables.

Directly Allocated costs (DA) are shared costs. They are based on estimates and do not represent actual costs on a project-by-project basis. This includes estates, infrastructure technicians and the Principal Investigators time.

Indirect Costs do not relate to any one project or activity, but are a necessary part of the costs of undertaking an activity.

An overview of the budget is displayed on the Summary page.

For guidance on entering the budget in Worktribe, please go the Quickguide for Worktribe Budgets.