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Research Data Services

The Research Data Services group offer a growing suite of services, including storage for current projects and a long-term repository, to support effective data management from planning to re-use.


We help researchers comply with UCL and funding bodies' policies regarding the management of research data. These include stipulations that access to data should be controlled, that data is appropriately stored, adequately described, preserved as required, and that publicly funded research data can be made accessible to the widest possible audience beyond the lifetime of the project.

Two core services are provided to this end:

  • The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS)
    This service is available for UCL research staff and their collaborators. It provides controlled access to research data storage, potentially at a very large scale. It is a managed service based on dedicated, resilient hardware which is backed up to tape on a daily basis. Contextual data about the project is captured to facilitate future curation and data management. The RDSS is available for use both by externally funded projects and internal ‘unfunded’ research.
  • The UCL Research Data Repository (RDR)
    The Repository enables the long-term preservation of selected data beyond the lifetime of an active research project. It also acts as a data publication platform, enabling the citation and future re-use of datasets created by UCL staff. 

Additional services are being developed by the Research Data Services team to enable the effective management of research data throughout the research lifecycle, from the planning phase, through data gathering and analysis, to the long-term curation and possible re-use of data. Our current products include:


Our services provide:

  • Enterprise grade data storage without the burden of hardware maintenance
  • Multi-petabyte storage capacity
  • Rapid access to data over UCL's high-speed network infrastructure
  • A storage facility mirrored across two sites, ensuring a high level of resilience
  • Support for research workflows encompassing data storage and computational resources
  • Straightforward interfaces that allow you to administer your storage or deposit datasets yourself (with support if requested)
  • A service for looking after datasets after your project comes to an end, so that you don’t have to
  • Digital object identifiers, enabling data to be cited and credit to be received for its impact
  • Advice and guidance on efficient and effective data storage
  • Long-term sustainability


Please get in touch with the Research Data Services team at researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk.

Practical information about how to use our services is available from our support pages on the ISD website: