Research IT Services


Research Data Storage Service

The Research Data Services group are implementing a series of services to facilitate better management of digital data sets by UCL researchers and their collaborators.


We help UCL researchers to comply with UK Government and funding bodies' policies regarding management of research data. This includes maintaining the integrity and safety of live project data and making publicly funded research data accessible to the widest possible audience beyond the lifetime of the project.

Two core services will support management of digital datasets: a storage service for live project data, and a long term archive. By using our services as part of a research data management plan, UCL researchers will be compliant with the UCL Research Data Policy and in turn be compliant with UK funding bodies' policies and requirements.


The Research Data Storage Service provides:

  • Enterprise grade data storage without the burden of hardware maintenance
  • Rapid access to data over UCL's high speed network infrastructure
  • A facility split across two sites, ensuring a high level of safety and access to data
  • Support for research workflows encompassing data storage and computational resources


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If you are interested in using any of these services, please visit our support pages on the ISD website for more information.