Research IT Services

Dr Owain Kenway

Dr Owain Kenway

Head of Research Computing

ARC Research Computing Group

UCL Centre for Advanced Research Computing

Joined UCL
12th Jul 2010

Teaching summary

Dr Kenway is one of the RITS staff who regularly delivers the introductory HPC course for users of RITS services.


University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2009


Dr Owain Kenway joined UCL in 2005 as a PhD student in the Centre for Computational science within the Chemistry department, studying ways to efficiently run molecular dynamics simulations on a geographically distributed computational grid.  In 2009 he completed his PhD thesis "Molecular dynamics simulations of complex systems including HIV-1 protease".

He spent brief period writing software for a joint UCL/LSU research project, and then as a group systems administrator, before joining Research Computing (under the old ISD organisational structure) as a "User and applications support specialist" in 2010.

He now works within the Research Computing and Facilitating Services platforms team within Research IT Services as a Research Computing Analyst.