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Grace launch

On 6th April 2016, University College London, in partnership with OCF, debuted it's new computing facility, GRACE, to the HPC community and general public. Named in honour of pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper (inventor of the first compiler for a computer programming language), the system delivers a peak performance of approximately 180 teraflops and predominately supports parallel computing. Thanks to similarities to Legion software, it is now easier for researchers to use either machine according to their requirements

The launch was also an exciting opportunity to showcase current researchers on the system, their work, and how their interactions with Research IT Services has been an integral part of producing effective research.  One of 2016's most awaited events, all guests were invited to stay back, network, and get to know the people behind RITS at UCL. 

Hosted in the historical Wilkins South Cloisters, Grace at UCL brought together new HPC/research and the continual efforts of the Research IT team. We would especially like to thank our speakers, Dr. Toni Collis (Women in HPC), Dr. Richard Kenway (The University of Edinburgh), Poppy Di Pietro (Nuclear Chemistry, UCL), Dr. Owain Kenway (RITS, UCL), Dr. Mayeul D'Avezac (RITS, UCL). 


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