Research and Innovation Services


What is covered by a typical research contract?

This will vary according to the type and nature of the transaction, including the relevant context (e.g. is the transaction funded and if so in which direction are the funds flowing). However, the typical points covered will include the following, in addition to any other customary contractual points appropriate to the specific transaction:

  • Confidentiality (identification and management of non-public information)
  • Intellectual Property (ownership and usage rights for new and existing items)
  • Limitation of liability
  • Performance & Reporting (how the scope of work will be conducted, timelines, standards etc.; content, form and frequency of reporting, if applicable)
  • Pricing & Payment (how much, when and how)
  • Publications / dissemination (including student theses where applicable)
  • Scope of work (including what each party is contributing and the tasks they will undertake)
  • Term & Termination (when and for how long the work and the agreement will last, what happens at the end of the work / agreement)

See 'Key Terms' for additional details on these aspects.