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Funder compliance reminder: Timesheets

17 August 2022

Major funders such as UKRI, Innovate UK, and the European Commission all require timesheets to be completed as part of their terms and conditions.

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Completed timesheets are used by our Award Services Post-Award team to fulfil financial statement/invoicing requirements. They also form a key part of funder audit and assurance exercises.

Timesheets are utilised in two ways:

  1. To enable the correct salary to be claimed
  2. To provide assurance to the funder that only the work performed for the specific projects is being charged in relation to their financial guidelines.

Timesheet requirements

Please ensure that timesheets: 

  • Accurately outline the hours worked on projects and are completed in accordance with the various funder terms and conditions
  • Are completed on a monthly basis
  • Are signed and dated at the end of each month or, at the latest, by the end of the following month
  • Are sent to your Post-Award Departmental Research Finance Administrator in RIS Award Services in a timely manner.

Following this advice will ensure that UCL is able to prevent audit penalties for non-compliance which lead to a financial loss on projects and also reputational damage.

Further information

For further information on timesheet requirements, visit our Award Services webpages.