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Update on Horizon Europe

12 November 2021

UK organisations continue to have the right to participate and lead proposals targeting Horizon Europe calls.

Horizon 2020

We are aware of recent statements regarding the uncertainty surrounding UK association to Horizon Europe and understand that the situation has given rise to concerns about the implications for proposals submitted this year, as well as the UK's participation in future Horizon Europe calls in the event of continued delays to association (or eventual non-association) to Horizon Europe.

However, the UK Government’s intention remains to associate to Horizon Europe, in line with the announcement made in December 2020, and supported by the Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021, where the UK  government committed to fully funding association to EU science programmes including Horizon Europe. The UK government and UCL continues to encourage colleagues to submit proposals.

Commitment includes offering Horizon Europe pump priming funding from the British Academy to support UK researchers in preparing collaborative proposals that address Horizon Europe calls in Pillar 2 (Global Challenges & Industrial Competitiveness).  

Please contact UCL’s European Research and Innovation Office for further information on upcoming Horizon Europe calls, the British Academy’s Horizon Europe Pump Priming calls, and for support with your Horizon Europe proposals.