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16 July 2021

Research project reporting

Learn more about reporting available to support the management of your research portfolio

Research project information which is captured in Worktribe and MyFinance is available to Research Support staff and academics across UCL via our reporting tools to support staff in the management of a portfolio of projects or to investigate project-level detail to empower local decision-making.   


The Worktribe system contains project level information on all research applications and awarded projects which can be presented in a portfolio view with bespoke reporting. For example, users can create a simple report on the number of applications submitted in the last 3 months or more advance reporting to include the average FEC Recovery and Overhead contribution to support financial sustainability analysis of your portfolio.

More information and a how to guide is available on our website.

We have also helpfully created some pre-defined reports under Projects/Shared Searches and the Reports option both accessible from the main toolbar.

Research MI Tableau Dashboards

The data entered in the Worktribe system is also available in strategic dashboard format to provide trend analysis and monitor the financial sustainability of your projects to empower informed business decisions. Reports available include Submission Summaries, Success Rates, FEC recovery and Contribution to Overheads. 


Axiom provides granular project level and portfolio level financial reports for all active research projects to support effective financial management. Specific reports to help manage by exception are also available which is useful if you are responsible for a large portfolio of projects.  

The reports which should be regularly viewed and acted upon are:

Project Investigator Report Provides oversight of monthly activity on research project to support monitoring of expenditure against budgets available and time remaining on project.
Research & DTA with filtersTo support research budget management at project and task level.
Research Expenditure Exception ReportTo enable management of portfolio by exception and identify awards with material budget / expenditure variation to ensure budget utilisation.
Equipment Budget No Spend To flag awards where budget has been awarded but currently no expenditure. This report is vitality important to ensure Equipment budgets are utilised as Funder’s often require equipment to be purchased in the early stages of the project.
Salary Budget No Spend To flag awards where budget has been awarded but currently no expenditure. This report will identify if staff costs are being charged as per work undertaken robustly and identify where delays need to be communicated to the Funder.