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Fundamentals of Research Funding Management

14 January 2021

Since the launch in September the Fundamentals of Research Funding Management has been completed by over 275 UCL employees.

Fundamentals of research management

The Fundamentals of Research Funding Management online training has been widely complimented and has a 5-star review rating on Learnupon with feedback including:

“As a new starter, this course is incredibly useful for UCL orientation and links to all the available resources for follow-up/referencing.”

“Useful aspects that I was aware of, in practice, but this session has given me strong arguments to add authority to my actions in implementing them. Thanks.”

“Very useful over view. I'd recommend this for PIs and Co-Is as well as PS research support staff.”

“This was very useful - I've been at UCL for 30 years and had nothing like it. A requirement for a "refresher" visit should be a requirement of RS accepting any Letter of Award.”

Does your role include the management of research funding? 

Have you completed the training yet? If not get yourself a cup of tea and enrol

What will I learn? 

Fundamentals in Research Funding Management is an introductory post-award training course split into four easy digestible inter-active units:

•    Setting out the funder landscape
•    Focus on new awards
•    Optimising funding in line with funder expectations
•    Managing the unexpected

How will it help me? 

The course learning objectives for participants are:
•    Understanding the importance of good research management 
•    Recognising when an award has been granted and how to get started 
•    Understanding the importance of being familiar with Funders’ requirements 
•    Understanding how to optimise research income and provide assurance to Funders of sound financial management 
•    Recognising the criticality of understanding the external perspective 
•    Raising awareness of complexity and risk factors 
•    Raising awareness of the importance of active change management 

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