Research and Innovation Services


Research Services Now Part of Research and Innovation Services

30 April 2021

Following the creation of Research and Innovation Services (RIS) on 1 March 2021, Research Services are now part of RIS.

Research Services Part of RIS

With effect from 1 March 2021 Research Services have moved from Finance and Business Affairs into the new directorate Research and Innovation Services which is led by Claire Glen as Executive Director.

Research Services under the leadership of Dr Karen Sergiou will be joined by Research Contracts in RIS. There are no changes to any current processes or ways of working however we are always continually looking at how we can enhance our support to our academic community therefore if you have any suggestions please do get in contact.

Research and Innovation Services will be trialling new ways of supporting Innovation Projects to understand how we can enhance the support of innovation activities centrally. We have established a six month pilot with colleagues in Faculties of Engineering and Medical Sciences with the aim to capturing current processes and supporting a small number of Innovation Projects to inform future structure and system requirements.