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Prestigious European Research Council Grants Awarded to UCL Researchers

7 September 2020

Research Services offers its congratulations to five UCL researchers who have recently been awarded European Research Council (ERC) “Starting Grants”.

European Research

ERC grants are amongst the most prestigious and competitive awards made under the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding programme, and support high-risk, high-reward frontier research driven solely by excellence. Starting Grants are awarded to highly promising researchers in the first seven years after receiving their PhD, and are viewed as an excellent means to establish and consolidate a career in research.

Under the most recent round of results, ERC Starting Grants were awarded to the following UCL Principal Investigators:

Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject AcronymProject Title
Karoline KuchenbaeckerDivision of PsychiatryDIVERGEDepression in diverse populations: Unravelling the interplay between genes and environment
Corisande FenwickInstitute of ArchaeologyEVERYDAYISLAMBecoming Muslim: Cultural Change, Everyday Life and State Formation in early Islamic North Africa (600-1000)
Peter KokUCL Queen Square Institute of NeurologyEXPECTPERCEPTHow our expectations can make us hallucinate: the neural mechanisms underlying perception
Attila LindnerEconomicsMW_INEQMinimum Wages, (Mis)Allocation of Labour, and Inequality
Tobias HauserIoN Imaging NeuroscienceNeuroFluxUnderstanding the impact of brain fluctuations on decision making

These awards demonstrate that the UK as a whole continues to benefit from Horizon 2020, and that UCL will continue to be a leading participant until the programme concludes at the end of this year. Horizon 2020’s €80 billion successor programme, “Horizon Europe”, will commence in 2021. Although initially open only to EU Member States, both the UK and EU have expressed interest in the UK becoming an “Associated Country”. This status would allow UK-based organisations to participate in Horizon Europe on equal terms with those based in EU Member States.

However, in the event association is delayed, the UK Government has committed to provide funding to UK-based consortium partners who are successful in bidding to Horizon Europe. In the event the UK’s association is not able to be agreed, the Government has also committed to making funding available to allow UK partners to participate in those European schemes open to participants established outside the EU.

There final funding opportunities for collaborative projects under Horizon 2020 will arise from the European Green Deal call.

If you are interested in learning about the remaining funding opportunities under Horizon 2020, or have any questions about the upcoming Horizon Europe programme, please contact the European Research & Innovation Office.