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UK’s continued access to Horizon 2020 funding

6 February 2020

UK universities will continue to have access to Horizon 2020 funding until the scheme ends under the EU exit deal.

UK access

UK participants will continue to receive EU grant funding for the lifetime of individual Horizon 2020 projects, including projects finishing after the transition period ends at the end of 2020. UCL colleagues can therefore continue to participate in and lead Horizon 2020 projects and apply for Horizon 2020 grant funding. The vast majority of Horizon 2020 projects will be able to continue as before, during the transition period and beyond, including ERC and MSCA (Marie Curie) grants.

More than €11 billion of funding is available in the final year of Horizon 2020 making it the largest budget so far with approximately 370 topics announced. Proposals at UCL are already increasing as the uncertainty on Brexit has lifted, so now is the time to apply. 

Application advice

If you are considering applying for:

The Advance grant closes on 26 August. For existing grant holders there are also two more proof of concept deadlines.   

Marie Skłodoska-Curie fellowships
The individual fellowship deadline is 9 September, and the RISE staff exchange scheme deadline is 28 April. PIs wishing to host fellows or fellows wanting to be hosted by UCL should contact ERIO.

For collaborative grants
Contact Proposal Support Manager, Dr Juliet Ellis (Juliet.ellis@ucl.ac.uk) from ERIO to arrange for a personalised workshop/seminar session about the complexities underlying EU grant preparation and the level of proposal preparation support ERIO can offer.

Horizon Europe to replace Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 will be replaced in 2021 with Horizon Europe. For the UK to access these funds, as a non-EU state, we will need to associate to the framework. This would allow the UK to access EU research funds similarly to how Israel, Norway and Switzerland accessed Horizon 2020. 

The Political Declaration agreed with the EU in October 2019 demonstrates a shared intent between UK and EU leaders to agree a framework that supports collaboration in science and innovation.  

It also makes clear the UK’s intention to associate to the Euratom Research and Training Programme.

More information about UK access to research funding