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Researchfish – 2019/2020 submission period now open

6 February 2020

Researchfish major submission period is open from Monday 3 February to Thursday 12 March, 4pm.


Who has to submit?

All Principal Investigators (PIs) and students, currently or recently funded (usually at least 5 years after an award has ended) by one of the major UK funders, are required to enter details of the research outputs for their respective awards during the submission window. This can be done on Researchfish.

Funders using this submission period include: UKRI research councils (AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC, EPSRC, MRC, NERC, and STFC), Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, and the National Institute for Health Research. Wellcome Trust is also requiring end-of-grant submissions for their PIs.

Funders will directly notify researchers who are required to submit. So researchers should check their emails for correspondence about their respective submission procedure (including log-in details) in the first instance, and the funder’s website for more information.

Why is it important to submit?

The financial support UCL receives from our funders is crucial to conducting world class research. We support the funders’ data collection programmes because the information gathered during this exercise is important to help set their research funding strategies. In the case of the UKRI councils, data on research outcomes and impact provides the evidence needed to demonstrate the value of research to the government Treasury, which can benefit the entire UK research community.

Further, UCL is proud of the diverse research accomplishments produced by our researchers. Researchfish provides an opportunity for researchers to consolidate all of their funded research outputs into a single platform, and allows recognition of many different types of outputs and effort – not simply those limited to traditional research publications.

Some funders will also impose sanctions on the individuals or the institute if a submission is not made before the deadline.

More information can be found on your external funder’s website or UCL’s internal Researchfish guidance pages. Alternatively by contacting UCL’s Researchfish support team at vpro.researchfish@ucl.ac.uk.