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Working together to secure research contracts

11 September 2019

Last year the Research Contracts team in UCL’s Research Services office successfully placed 1,973 contracts on behalf of UCL’s research community.

Research Contracts

The Research Contracts team specialise in dealing with a wide range of research agreements across all sectors and disciplines. We work with external funders and research collaborators including those in industry (both SMEs and multinationals); UKRI (Research Councils); foreign and domestic government departments and NGOs; foreign and domestic charities and fellow Higher Education Institutions.

How can we help you?

We provide advice and support at all stages of the research contracting process, including the review of contractual terms to ensure they are consistent with UCL policy; managing associated discussions and negotiation of terms; drafting bespoke contractual documentation and authorising (signing) finalised research contracts.

During financial year 2018-19 the Research Contracts team in Research Services completed 1,973 contracts on behalf of UCL’s research community. These contracts involved discussions and negotiation with over 2,500 external parties.

How can you help us?

The increased complexity of the external funding landscape, combined with UCL’s success in leading, and participating in, a vast and varied range of collaborative research activities means that we expect to administer an increasing number of research contracts for UCL each year.

The work of research contracting is best served by an open and collaborative approach between researchers and the Research Services office. We strongly encourage initiating early discussion with the Research Contracts team regarding your plans in order to ensure the transparent and timely placement of suitable contractual arrangements.

A best practice guide is located on the Research Services website which has more information about how you can support the process of contract negotiation.

What is the status of my contract?

The Worktribe Contract Module provides visibility of the contracting process and allows colleagues to track the progress for each research contract. The record provides details of the Contract Manager dealing with your contract and when UCL is awaiting a response from an external collaborator.

To view the status of your research contract, you can log into the Worktribe Research Management System and search by your Contract ID or click My Contracts on the toolbar dropdown.

The Worktribe system also allows users to save bespoke searches (reports) to monitor their chosen research contract portfolios e.g. by host organisational unit or PI.

Learn how to set up the search and refresh this regularly in order to monitor the progress of each research contract in your department or faculty.