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UKRI New Grant Terms and Conditions

11 September 2019

New terms and conditions for UKRI funded research projects came into effect on 28 June 2019.


On 28 June 2019, UKRI updated their terms and conditions for funded research projects.

If you are a UKRI project grant holder, support the management of these projects or have responsibility of charging expenditure to UKRI projects, please familiarise yourself with the new conditions.

What's changed?

The key changes to note are:

  • UKRI has set out expectations relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, safeguarding, bullying and harassment and to guard against duplicate funding.
  • UKRI's position relating to payment of costs for familial leave for fEC Grants has been clarified, and the policy position relating to sick leave has been amended on both fEC Grants and Training Grants.
  • Clarified UKRI position on students being charged to research projects in clause RGC 4.5. confirming costs associated to students must not be charged to the grant. These costs must be met by other resources, which can include the UKRI Training Grants if the student holds a UKRI studentship.
  • A new condition relating to peer review has been introduced, which is intended to encourage researchers in receipt of UKRI funding to undertake a review where possible, reflecting peer review's importance to the UKRI vision to ensure that world leading research and innovation continues to grow and flourish in the UK.

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