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Post-Award Management of Externally Funded Sponsored Research

11 September 2019

In consultation with colleagues from across UCL, we have created a new UCL Post Award Policy for managing externally funded sponsored research. The policy, approved by Research Operations Committee in July, provides an important reference point for UCL staff and our Funders.

Post-Award policy

The UCL Post Award Policy clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities for both Academic Departments and Research Services in the management of sponsored research projects at UCL.

Why has the policy been developed?

We need to provide evidence and assurance to the funders of sponsored research that their funding is managed appropriately and expended for the purpose for which it is awarded.

The development of an overarching post-award policy was agreed with UCL’s external auditors, as a way to provide enhanced assurance, in response to an increasing demand for evidence of the controls we have in place.

What is covered in the policy?

The policy:

  • Sets out the principles governing UCL’s management of sponsored research funding, irrespective of funding source (unless otherwise stated) i.e. the policy is equally applicable to awards from the UK Research Councils, European Commission, Charities, Industry and Government Departments. 
  • Confirms current roles and responsibilities.
  • Outlines new best practice guidance for Academic Departments and Research Services with regard to regular monitoring of externally funded projects.
  • Provides a consistent basis for future training.

Who is it for?

The policy is an important reference document for all staff responsible for the management of externally funded sponsored research and internal and external (funder) auditors.