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Axiom Research Exception Report

6 June 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Research Exception Report.

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This report is designed to assist Departments, Divisions, and Institutes optimise management of their sponsored research funding. The report (available through the Axiom Reporting Suite), highlights unspent Equipment and Staff budgets, so that these can be identified and investigated.

Equipment filter 

The report shows the Sponsored Research Projects which have been awarded an Equipment Budget (D-EQU) that has not been fully utilised. 

Major funders terms and conditions state: 

  • that equipment items should be purchased in the early stages of the research projects. 
  • equipment purchases are not generally accepted in the last 6 months of the project without prior written approval from the funder. 
  • equipment budgets can not generally be repurposed if no longer required. 

Projects with budgets remaining should be reviewed to ascertain when the equipment named in the applications/award letter will be purchased, and the appropriate action taken to comply with the funders terms. Commonly equipment budgets are ring-fenced i.e the budget cannot be used for other costs, unless exceptionally approved in advance by the Funder.

Staff costs filter 

The report can also show the Sponsored Research Projects which have been awarded a budget for Staff costs that have not been fully utilised. 

  • Projects with a low % Budget Complete and a low Months Remaining should be investigated to ensure the project staff costs have been charged correctly throughout the life of the project. 
  • Projects with £0 Total Expenditure and greater than 3 Months Elapsed should be investigated to ascertain if project staff costs are being charged appropriately. 

Projects which have Posts vacant for a period of 6 months (where not already identified in the application) could be subject to the Estates and Indirect costs budgets being reduced by the Funder.

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