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R&D tax credit

Find information on changes to R&D tax credits and how to claim R&D tax relief.

The budget Report in March 2018 made a number of changes to the way R&D tax credits work.

What has changed recently?

The Inland Revenue has set up a facility to assist new claimants in their first three R&D Tax Credit claims (R&D Assurance). - Funders should be directed to Research and Development (R&D) Relief for Corporation Tax for further information.

Further information

To claim the R&D tax relief the claimant must meet certain criteria:

All Research and Research Studentship funding qualifies for R&D Tax credits when undertaken via a Contract with a University (Sub-contractor costs). An SME would qualify for 100% of their Costs + 130%.

A large company such as GSK would be able to claim 100% + 12% against their corporation tax.  An SME can even claim potentially if they do not currently pay corporation tax.