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Find information on accessing Worktribe, permissions and responsibilities.

Accessing Worktribe

Worktribe is accessible via UCL Single Sign-on, using any computer on any network, Desktop@UCL or a VPN connection is not required.

Default access to Worktribe will allow users to cost proposals (including staff costs) across Faculties, facilitating the development of cross-faculty proposals. 


No one should inquire, investigate or view the staff salary information contained within Worktribe unless directly required to use the application. Users should be aware that actions within the system are automatically logged and are auditable.

Staff are required to use Worktribe responsibly to ensure personal data is not inappropriately accessed or shared. Personal data must not be accessed in public and all computers/devices should be password protected (further protection should be provided by time-out systems and screen-savers).  

Staff are reminded that any personal data accessed, used or supplied to third parties must be treated as strictly confidential. Staff must abide by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at all times. 

Reporting issues

System access, performance or functional issues can be reported to the Worktribe helpdesk by emailing rs.worktribesupport@ucl.ac.uk.


Additional permissions

Divisional/Departmental Managers can request amendments to permissions for individual users by emailing the Worktribe Helpdesk.

Role namePermissions
AcademicCreate and maintain projects
Advanced BudgeterView, edit and export full budget information including salaries
HR LookupSelect staff from the HR system (but won't see salaries unless also given Advanced Budgeter permission) 
Department AdminView and edit projects within their department

Temporary staff

Temporary staff will require Associate/Visitor Staff responsibilities to be able to access the Worktribe Research Management System. They will not be able to directly access the system and will be required to contact rs.worktribesupport@ucl.ac.uk to gain access. We will also require the Temporary Staff Access form to be completed.