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Studentship Budgets 2022/23

Stipends and fees for all UCL-hosted studentships for 2022-23.

The stipend rates here are based on the UKRI rates which are generally considered to be the minimum at UCL. Rates beyond 2022/23 are forecasted and are subject to change. UKRI are reviewing stipend rates with an outcome to be confirmed in spring 2023. We believe the rates below to be the likely minimum rates, but these may change significantly when UKRI’s review is completed. 

The maximum stipend available to students is normally considered to be the Wellcome Trust levels (which are a set rate for each year of the student’s training) 

3 Year Award

 2022/232023/24*2024/25*Grand total
Minimum student stipend£19,668£20,198£20,744£60,160
Home fees**£5,690£5,860£6,040£17,590


3.5 Year Award

 2022/232023/24*2024/25*2025/26*Grand total
Minimum student stipend£19,668£20,198£20,744£10,663£71,263
Home fees**£5,690£5,860£6,040£3,110£20,700


4 Year Award

 2022/232023/24*2024/25*2025/26*Grand total
Minimum student stipend£19,668£20,198£20,744£21,306£81,916
Home fees**£5,690£5,860£6,040£6,220£23,810

* Estimated values, confirmed annually, usually in spring by UKRI and UCL.
** This is the home tuition fee rate for the majority of UCL programmes. Please check the exact fee rate for your programme


  • Note 1: The UKRI indicative fee rate for 2022/2023 is £4,596. This may affect what you can charge to your grant. 
  • Note 2: All stipend payments and fee recovery should be made through the Portico Financial Management module (Form S).
  • Note 3: Some funders allow for enhanced stipends above the rates shown. You should check with the funding award documentation when making the offer to the student. Any enhancement offered to the student needs to be made throughout the studentship. The maximum stipend allowed at UCL is as stated above (Wellcome Trust levels). 
  • Note 4: You should also budget for ‘other costs’ related to the student training, e.g., conferences, fieldwork, training courses, project/consumables costs. The level will vary depending on the project needs. 
  • Note 5: You should always review all awards pertaining to a specific studentship (Industrial Case and partner Top-ups, Department core accounts) to ascertain the funding available to meet the costs; including enhanced stipends – ensuring that you charge the costs to the most appropriate funder account code in accordance with the terms and conditions or contractual agreements.