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Award transfers

Find out the steps departments should take when arranging the transfer of sponsored research funding to UCL from another institution.

Funding Award/Agreement Transfers to UCL

This page, together with the Award Transfers In: Step-by-Step Guide outlines the steps that academic departments at UCL should take in order to arrange the transfer to UCL of a sponsored research funding Award or Agreement from another institution. 

Some key points to note

  • While Awards/Agreements to be transferred to UCL are already set up at the relinquishing institution, from UCL’s point-of-view, these are new funding arrangements that need to be set up in UCL’s systems as for any new funding awarded to the University.
  • Transferring an Award to UCL involves the coordination of several elements, and input from multiple stakeholders, including some external parties.  Consequently, the process outlined below can take a number of months to complete and should therefore be initiated by Departments as early as possible to allow sufficient time ahead of the proposed transfer date for the submission, review and approval of costings, the finalisation of any required contractual paperwork, and the setting up of such Awards/Agreements at UCL.  
  • As indicated in the visual guide below, in order that a Funding Award/Agreement can be transferred to UCL, you will need to complete a Transfer Form and submit this to your Department’s Research Support (Pre-Award) Officer together with the additional documents listed in this form.  

As soon as you become aware that an academic at another institution will be taking up a post at UCL and seeking to transfer to UCL one or more existing research funding Awards/Agreements please follow the steps outlined in the process map below, as explained more fully in the Award Transfers In: Step-by-Step Guide.

Simplified process map for funding award/agreement transfers to UCL 

Transferring awards from UCL to another institution

If you are transferring a grant from UCL to another institution see Transferring awards from UCL.