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UCL Research Frontiers

As part of its 2011 Research Strategy, UCL is launching Research Frontiers, a new cross-disciplinary activity to complement our four UCL Grand Challenges.

We value research addressing the most fundamental questions in our collaborative endeavours and are developing a UCL Research Frontiers programme of cross-disciplinary enquiry motivated mainly by shared human curiosity.

We seek to empower research leaders to develop and test novel ideas:

  •  where the primary justification for the enquiry is human curiosity
  • in subjects where cross-disciplinary input adds value to the investigation
  • where the results do not necessarily have any immediate application.

UCL Research Froniters' initial three programmes are Origins of Life, Human Evolution and Dynamics of Civilisation; in the medium term we will invite research pioneers to propose new activity, ultimately developing a portfolio of 10–12 programmes.

To find out more about UCL Research Frontiers, please contact us

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