UCL Research Ethics


UCL Research Ethics Committee

Strategic Vision and Mission of the UCL Research Ethics Committee

Established in 2003, the UCL Research Ethics Committee (REC) is the main independent adjudicator and scrutineer of ethical practice in the university and a key body for mitigating institutional risks. The strategic vision of the UCL REC is to promote the highest ethical standards of research, innovation and academic practice across UCL by deploying the breadth and depth of our disciplinary expertise to deliver transformative impact for the benefit of humanity. To achieve this, our mission is to:

  1. Uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity to support an inclusive and diverse culture and environment for the UCL community as a world class global university.
  2. Critically review the ethical standards and practice (e.g. UCL’s Code of Conduct for Research) required for high-quality research and academic practice across UCL.
  3. Critically engage with and support local faculty ethics committees, researchers and reviewers on institutional ethics policy to maintain the integrity and probity of research and academic practice across diverse theory, disciplines and methodological practices.
  4. Serve as UCL's overall strategic and governance body, and main independent adjudicator and scrutineer for mitigating ethical risks as a world-leading university that values outstanding ethical research, innovation and education to make a difference to society.

UCL Research Ethics Committee Constitution and Membership (Terms of Reference)

Members of the UCL Research Ethics Committee 

Joint chairs

Professor Lynn Ang
Learning and Leadership
(Institute of Education)

Professor Michael Heinrich
School of Pharmacy
(Faculty of Life Sciences)

UCL Cross Faculty Academic Members

Professor George Letsas
(Faculty of Laws)

Dr Melanie Smallman (*Deputies: Professor Jon Agar and Professor Emma Tobin)
Department of Science and Technology Studies
(Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Dr Andrew Flinn
Department of Information Studies
(Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Professor Justin Hsuan
Division of Medicine
(Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Professor Anne Lanceley (*Deputy: Professor Jacqueline Nicholls)
(Institute for Women’s Health)
Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Dr Ifat Yasin (*Deputy: Dr Kartikeya Tripathi, Department of Security and Crime Science)
Department of Computer Science
(Faculty of Engineering Sciences)

Dr Marie-Annick Moreau 
Department of Anthropology
(Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences)

Ms Michelle Shipworth
UCL Energy Institute
(Faculty of Built Environment)

Professor Sarah Garfinkel
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
(Faculty of Brain Sciences) 

Lay members

Mr Andrew Duggan
Dr Mary-Anne Enoch

Co-opted member

Dr Wolfgang Stohr
MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL





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