RAPT Conference 2015

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Conference papers (restricted access)

Religion in Liberal Political Philosophy: New Approaches

Religion and Political Theory Centre (RAPTc), UCL

10-12 June 2015

Liberal political philosophers have recently received criticism for their inadequate grasp or unreflective use of the category of religion. Liberal philosophers, it is said, have not sufficiently reflected on the specific trajectory of western secularism. As a result, liberal theories of freedom of religion, of state neutrality, of non-establishment and of the rights of conscience are conceptually, as well as normatively, problematic. This conference will present cutting-edge work in political philosophy that takes these criticisms seriously and offers new perspectives on the normative place of religion in liberal political philosophy.

Conference themes include,

· secularism, church-state separation and non-establishment

· liberal neutrality 

· religious exemptions

· the rights of conscience

· public reason and religious arguments

Confirmed speakers: Akeel Bilgrami, Matteo Bonotti, Corey Brettschneider, Kimberley Brownlee, Emanuela Ceva, Matthew Clayton, Jean L. Cohen, Maeve Cooke, Chiara Cordelli, Rainer Forst, Peter Jones, Andrew Koppelman, Chandran Kukathas, Sune Laegaard, Cécile Laborde, Cristina Lafont, George Letsas, Annabelle Lever, Simon Cabulea May,  Ronan McCrea, Saladin Meckled Garcia, Alan Patten, Enzo Rossi, Micah Schwartzman, Jonathan Seglow, Daniel Statman, Kevin Vallier, Daniel Weinstock.

The conference is convened by Cécile Laborde, Aurélia Bardon and Lois Lee.

Further details, including conference registration, are forthcoming. If you wish to receive updates about the conference by email, or have any other query, please contact Aurélia Bardon (a.bardon@ucl.ac.uk) or Lois Lee (l.lee@ucl.ac.uk).