21-23 March 2016
Two Misunderstandings about Public Justification and Religious Reasons,' PSA 66th Annual International Conference
Dr Aurélia Bardon

28-29 January 2016
'Two Misunderstandings about Public Justification and Religious Reasons,' RAPT Conference on Religion and Public Justification, UCL

Dr Aurélia Bardon

1 December 2015
'Is Liberalism Secular?' Séminaire NoSoPhi, Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne

Professor Cécile Laborde

11 November 2015
'Is Liberalism Secular?' Legal and Political Theory Forum, LSE

Professor Cécile Laborde

20-21 September 2015
'Egalitarian Justice and Religious Exemptions' Cardozo Law, The Conscience Wars Conference

Professor Cécile Laborde

1-3 September 2015
'Public Justification beyond Neutrality,' MANCEPT Workshops, University of Manchester

Dr Aurélia Bardon

26 June 2015
'Is Liberalism Secular?' Keynote Lecture at the ASPP Conference, University of Amsterdam

Professor Cécile Laborde

25-26 June 2015
'Public Justification beyond Neutrality,' University of Amsterdam, ASPP Conference

Dr Aurélia Bardon

27-29 May 2015
'Liberal Epistemology as a Compromise,' University of Copenhagen

Dr Aurélia Bardon

23 April 2015
Max Weber Talk
, European University Institute, Florence - 'Is Liberalism Secular?' 
Professor Cécile Laborde

20 March 2015
Symposium on Alan Patten, Equal Recognition: The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights
, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr Aurélia Bardon

23 February 2015
ERC Public Lecture Series Human Rights and Politics, Université Libre de Bruxelles - 
'Is Religious Freedom a Special Right?' 
Professor Cécile Laborde

08-10 January 2015
Political Thought Conference, Oxford

Professor Cécile Laborde

15-16 December 2014
CONCEPT Annual Conference, University of Nottingham

Professor Cécile Laborde

23-24 November 2014
Religions, Rights and Institutions Conference, Princeton University

Professor Cécile Laborde

17-19 June 2014
‘Pluralism, Public Justification and Religious Reasons’

Dr Aurélia Bardon
Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs, University of Tromso

11-15 May 2014
‘Equally Secular, Unequally Nonreligious: Profiling European and American Religiosity’

Dr Lois Lee
13th EASR Annual Conference, University of Groningen

2 May 2014
‘The Growth and Transformation of Nonreligion in London: The Examples of Camden and Islington’

Dr Lois Lee
Church Growth and Decline in a Global City: London, 1980 to the Present, Senate House

5-8 March 2014
‘Public Justification in a Secular Age’

Dr Aurélia Bardon
Working with A Secular Age - Interdisciplinary Reflections on Charles Taylor’s Conception of the Secular, University of Berne

16 January 2014
‘Religious Singularism, Nonreligion and the Law’

Dr Lois Lee
Religion, Democracy and Law, London Metropolitan University

In 2013-14, Cécile Laborde has given  talks in Oxford, SOAS, Florence, Berlin, Beirut, Paris, Cambridge, King’s College London and Princeton.