Abbreviation Key to abbreviations
ABL Awarding Body Linkage
ATR Applicant Transfer
BA Bachelor of Art
BSc Bachelor of Science
BTEC Business and Technology Education Council (qualification)
CAF Changes of Assessment Form
CAS Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
DBD Decline by Default
DSA Disabled Students Allowance
Form S Student Fund Management Functionality
GCE General Certificate of Education
GPC Graduate Proposal Component (new graduate module proposal)
GPCam Graduate Proposal Component Amendment (graduate module amendment)
GRS Graduate Research Scholarships
HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council England
HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency
IOE Institute of Education
IQR Internal Quality Review
ISOP International Student Orientation Programme
ITE Initial Teacher Training
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MSc Master of Science
NSS National Student Survey
NCTL National College for Teaching and Leadership
OFFA Office for Fair Access
ORS Overseas Research Scholarships
PG Postgraduate
PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education
PGR Postgraduate Research
PGT Postgraduate Taught
PMAP Programme and Module Approval Panel
QAA Quality Assurance Agency
RBD Reject by Default
SLC Student Loans Company
SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority
SMT Senior Management Team
SRS Student and Registry Services
UCAS Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
UF Unconditional Firm
UG Undergraduate
UPC Undergraduate Proposal Component (new undergraduate module proposal )