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Training to become a Reading Recovery teacher leader

"Reflecting, questioning, hypothesising, predicting and problem-solving... suddenly that all made so much more sense," Reading Recovery teacher leader in training.

To become a Reading Recovery teacher leader you need to be appointed by an approved Reading Recovery provider (for an informal discussion on becoming an approved providers, please email ioe.ilc@ucl.ac.uk ) and complete the Reading Recovery and Literacy Leadership MA. It is not something to be undertaken lightly, but will give you new insight, new understanding and a new confidence in your ability to support children and teachers engaged in literacy teaching and learning.

The Reading Recovery and Literacy Leadership MA is led by the Reading Recovery leadership team at the UCL Institute of Education, London. It involves full-time study at Master's level with a combination of practical and theoretical elements. You will need to attend the course weekly in London, which may require an overnight stay. But most of the time you will be teaching in a school in your own area, and studying at home.

The MA will enable you to:
  • learn how to implement Reading Recovery to change the learning trajectory of very low attaining children
  • explore a range of theories of literacy, literacy acquisition and literacy difficulties to develop your own understanding, and learn about theories of adult professional learning in order to help others develop their understanding
  • learn about research in early literacy, how to read and interpret research, and how to use research to add to your knowledge and understanding
  • organise and manage effective literacy implementations in your region.
What the MA involves:

The three programme strands are - teaching children, planning and delivering a professional development programme for teachers, and managing an intervention within a local authority, school cluster or area.

The practical elements of the full-time programme include:

  • daily teaching of four children in Reading Recovery
  • learning and applying Reading Recovery teaching procedures
  • communicating the principles of Reading Recovery to teachers and others working in school to support children's literacy learning
  • observing, planning and preparing to lead initial professional development for Reading Recovery teachers.

The theoretical elements include:

  • a thorough and deep analysis of Clay's theory of literacy development
  • two further modules on research methods in literacy and theories of literacy development.

On successful completion of the MA course, you will be registered at the UCL Institute of Education as a qualified Reading Recovery teacher leader, an internationally recognised qualification.

For further information about the programme and costs please contact Dr Sue Bodman s.bodman@ucl.ac.uk