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Continuing professional development once qualified

For as long as you are a Reading Recovery teacher leader, in order to remain accredited with the UCL Institute of Education you will need to attend Professional Development sessions each year.

I've known about Reading Recovery for many years but had no idea to its amazing power. Now I'm totally committed to making sure everyone else knows!
Teacher leader.
The CPD course will enable you to:
  • critically examine teaching decisions in the light of children's progress in reading and writing refine and challenge your interpretations of teaching procedures;
  • develop deeper understandings of how to make Reading Recovery work with the most difficult to teach children;
  • develop expertise to make Reading Recovery work more efficiently in your system;
  • drive research and development to improve the effectiveness of Reading Recovery;
  • keep abreast of national school improvement priorities and quality first teaching developments in order to support schools in your locality;
  • learn how to make more extensive use of data analysis to provide an evidence base for local decision making;
  • support schools to use needs analysis processes to bring together a range of approaches to meeting the needs of all learners.
What the CPD course involves:
  • Receive up to three site visits from a leadership team member in the first year after training.
  • Receive one site visit from a leadership team member each subsequent year.
  • Attend five specified units of intensive Reading Recovery professional development.
Other elements that count towards your annual accreditation:
  • Teaching children in Reading Recovery - Teacher leaders continually develop their experience of the wide ranging nature of children's difficulties, building upon knowledge and expertise in using the Reading Recovery procedures. This enables you to solve children's diverse problems and support teachers who are working with the very hardest to teach by drawing on your own teaching of individual children.
  • Teacher leader accreditation fee - Ensure that the teacher leader accreditation fee (part of the Service Level Agreement) is paid. The accreditation fee is £4,665 + VAT.