Reading Recovery Europe


Teacher leaders

Teacher leaders train teachers in Reading Recovery, provide Continuing Professional Development for qualified Reading Recovery teachers, teach children and maintain the quality of the implementation.

The work of a Reading Recovery teacher leader is varied, challenging and deeply rewarding. They work closely with teachers, helping them to grow professionally, as they develop a new and deeper understanding of literacy teaching and learning. They work with children, seeing their life chances change as they move from being non-readers to confident and enthusiastic learners. They work with schools, helping them to change expectations and outcomes for their most disadvantaged pupils. They offer advice and guidance, enabling schools to adjust the implementation to local needs to get the best outcomes for children.

Benefits for Reading Recovery teacher leaders:
  • ongoing professional development and support from the leadership team at the UCL Institute of Education, one of the world's leading centres for education studies and related social sciences;
  • feedback and shared practice from a professional community of colleagues;
  • guidance and resources to help you put what you have learnt into practice;
  • access to high quality professional development;
  • user friendly monitoring and reporting system, allowing you to track and assess impact in your schools;
  • support for teaching with opportunity for critical reflection and personal growth;
  • updates on research and developments in the field of early literacy.