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Reading Recovery Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a month of events to celebrate learners and encourage awareness children to enjoy reading and sharing books.



Read Aloud events increase awareness of children who struggle to read and to ensure they get the attention they need.  The events will raise the self-esteem of these children by enabling them to celebrate their achievements in literacy and to become role models for others who are facing a similar struggle.

‘Reading for Pleasure’
The theme of 2020 events for the Reading Recovery Read Aloud was ‘Reading for Pleasure’. Even beginner readers enjoy reading interesting texts that enable them to learn, explore new worlds, meet interesting characters, develop imagination, learn facts, humour and make connections with the lives of others. Reading Recovery children read new and familiar books in every lesson and usually develop some firm favourites – Read Aloud is a great opportunity for them to share and talk about their books with parents, teachers and the special people who support Read Aloud by visiting schools and participating in events. 

Date for next year:  March 2021.  Some schools may wish to combine Reading Recovery Read Aloud with other activities to celebrate Reading for Pleasure around World Book Day. 

How can my school get involved?
We are asking teachers to arrange for the Reading Recovery children to read to someone special.  This might be a parent, grandparent, someone in your school, a local or national celebrity or VIP.  You might also consider arranging for the child to read to someone 'virtually' by using either skype or videoing their reading and sending a recording of the reading to the special person. 

Then share the experience, perhaps by sending us your photos and stories of the event, sharing the children's achievements on social media, or inviting your local press to celebrate some good news in their area.
When you send in photos of your Read Aloud event, please include parental and school consent forms. You can find these in the resource pack on this webpage.

Alternatively, after gaining consent, you and your school could share your photos of your Reading Recovery Read Aloud event on Facebook and Twitter  - we could then share and retweet them.

How can we help you to make this happen?
You can download a resource pack with suggestions for how to organise the event. A new updated pack for 2021 will be available to download later this year. The pack will include a template letter to invite someone you know to support your children, a postcard you could send to a celebrity with a video clip of the child reading to make it easy for them to respond to the child, and an information sheet which could support you to send a press release to your local media. 

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