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Risk and Disaster Reduction Research Tools Module

Module Tutor: Dr Ilan Kelman

Module code: GEOLGR05, 15 credits

Department: IRDR

This module is intended to meet the growing and recognized need for those in the field of risk and disaster reduction to be equipped with a broad range of skills to do their job and to improve the awareness of strengths and weaknesses within the field.

The course aims to help students understand the importance of how oral and written communication is made to various stakeholders, gain some basic knowledge of statistical tools including uncertainty and sampling techniques both for understanding the validity of others’ work and for improving their own, see field sites that have disaster risk and improve their own awareness in terms of identifying which of their own skills they need to develop. Students will have exposure to those currently working in the field and undertake practical exercises.

Through a simulated real-time event scenario, students will gain a real-time experience of logistical decision making in response to a disaster, led by current practitioners. The student will learn what kind of decisions need to be made, how the decision process works, constraints imposed by lack of detailed information and the need for urgency, the need to balance planning and adaptability in response to the developing situation, and the importance of team work in a high-pressure environment.

Key words: Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk, Resilience, Disaster, Disaster Reduction, Natural hazard, Natural Disaster, Emergency, Skills, Methods, Tools, Toolbox, Professional Development, Scenario