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Katerina Stavrianaki

PhD student


Complexity of seismicity in a statistical physics view: From fracture to earth's scale.


Professor Peter Sammonds and Dr Gordon Ross

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UCL IRDR Studentship


UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

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020 3108 1108





Project description

Understanding of earthquake physics, from rock fracture to earthquake fault scale, will enhance the quality of life both of European citizens and of vulnerable populations worldwide. This research will develop new innovative techniques based on modern statistical seismology, modern thermodynamic, superstatistics and generalized (cross-over) non extensive statistical physics [NESP] principles for the analysis of seismicity. The latter techniques will be supported from the application of existing robust seismological methodologies as accelerated –decelerated seismicity, ETAS modelling, change of seismicity rates and time dependent stress transfer.

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