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Launch of the IRDR Centre for Gender and Disaster, 7 March 2018

6 November 2017

  • Wednesday 7th March 2018, 18:00-21:00
  • Invited Speakers (see below): Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 18:00-19:30 
  • Networking Reception: North Cloisters, 19:30 - 21:00
  • This event is open to the public and free to attend, but you need to register via Eventbrite
Gender and Disasters Centre Launch event

Talks from invited speakers, 18:00 - 19:30 in the Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre. 

Speakers (click each name for a speaker bio and talk theme):

Maureen Fordham, UCL IRDR Centre for Gender and Disaster
Cecilia Aipira, United Nations Development Programme
Ellie Cosgrave, Deputy Director, City Leadership Lab, UCL
Virginie Le Masson, Overseas Development Institute 
Sara Hall, Stonewall
Sunil Pant, Blue Diamond Society, Nepal
Jacqui Gallinetti
Ilan Kelman, UCL IRDR and IGH

The new Centre for Gender and Disaster, part of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) at University College London (UCL), aims to develop awareness of and responsiveness to gender for risks and disasters through excellence in research and teaching. 

The Centre will: 

  • Expand upon everyday understandings of ‘gender’ to move beyond simplistic binary categorisations towards a more fluid comprehension of identities, adopting an intersectional approach; 
  • Define ‘disaster’ broadly to include events and processed triggered by natural hazards, humanitarian crises, as well as internal or cross-border conflicts. 
  • Combine gender and disaster research with disparate subject strands, in some of which gender is often absent or of low perceived salience. 

The Centre will focus initially on 5 broad subject pillars, some of which align with UCL’s Global Challenges: 

  1. Social Justice, Equality and Equity; 
  2. Engineering & Infrastructure;  
  3. Transformative Technologies;  
  4. Data (data collection, validation of data, gender analysis, big data); and  
  5. Health & Wellbeing (working with our sister Centre for Gender and Global Health <http://ighgc.org> but with a specific focus on the DRR and humanitarian domains).

The Centre <www.ucl.ac.uk/rdr/cgd>will develop and support challenging research questions and evidence-based research and teaching. It will provide a connection space for researchers, students, policy makers, decision makers, NGOs and anyone who shares a desire to work collaboratively to answer difficult questions.

If you are interested in learning more and contributing to the further development of the Centre, please contact Professor Maureen Fordham m.fordham@ucl.ac.uk.

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