Ramble London


About the Project

Ramble London is designed to share and develop the work on London carried out by Professor Richard Dennis and other members of the Department of Geography UCL. Richard taught at UCL for forty years, sharing his research on London with students and colleagues. Ramble London marks his retirement in 2014 and is designed to host a collection of some of this work and to share it with as wide an audience as possible. To begin with the site will consist of a series of walks, based on Richard's research and teaching on specific places in the city, with soundfiles of Richard describing points on the walks and many images. Other walks and resources will be made available, drawing on the wealth of material produced by Richard and his colleagues in UCL Geography.

Ramble London was conceived by Caroline Bressey, James Kneale and Nick Mann and was funded by a grant from the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, UCL. The site was produced by Alexandra Gomes, with help from Eleanor Lowenthal and Joe Thorogood and the project team - and of course from Richard Dennis himself! Maps and graphics by Miles Irving of the Drawing Office, UCL Geography.