Sarah Parker Remond Centre


Subhadra Das

Former Researcher in Critical Eugenics

Sarah Parker Remond Centre, Institute of Advanced Studies

Subhadra Das is a writer, historian, broadcaster, comedian and museum curator. Her main area of research is the history of science and medicine in the 19th and 20th Centuries, specifically the history of eugenics and scientific racism. She uses museum objects to tell decolonial stories in engaging and affirming ways. While working at the Sarah Parker Remond Centre, Subhadra mapped and built on existing research and research networks around critical eugenics at UCL. She uncovered how eugenics was based on 'race', considering what this means for us today, and laying the foundations for future critical and reflexive collaborations across the sciences and humanities.

Subhadra Das joined the centre on secondment from her role as Curator of the UCL Science Collections (including the Eugenics Collection) based at UCL Culture. She is the curator of Bricks + Mortals, an exhibition and podcast walking tour highlighting UCL's pivotal role in the history of eugenics, and, as an inaugural Art Fund UK Headley Fellow, a co-curator of Display of Power at UCL's Grant Museum of Zoology. Subhadra was a member of the Inquiry into the History and Legacy of Eugenics at UCL (2019-20), and a co-author of the recommendations from the MORE sub-group. She also wrote and presented Living with Eugenics, part of the UCL Minds series of podcasts.