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Marieta Valdivia Lefort

Racism and Racialisation

PhD group


Marieta Valdivia Lefort

Marieta Valdivia Lefort is a PhD student at the UCL Institute of the Americas. Her research project is titled (tentative) “State Project and Education: The construction of National Identity and the legitimation of an europeanising memory in Chile”, which aims to analyse, through the revision of specific education policies for the teaching of local and global history since independence to date, the implicit influence of political ideologies and different state projects on the construction and legitimisation of a europeanising imaginary of national identity in Chile. Marieta is interested in the study and analysis of political and social issues mainly in countries of the Global South, and her main topics of interest are history, education, public policy, race, ethnicity, gender, migration, collective identities, nationalism, the study of whitening (cultural and political), and racism.

Email: m.lefort@ucl.ac.uk  |  UCL Research Student Profile  |  LinkedIn  |  ResearchGate