UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute


Startups and Spinouts

UCLQ has a growing number of start-ups across several types of quantum technology, set up by our students, staff and alumni.

We run several entrepreneurship programs to train UCLQ students and staff in various aspects of commercialisation and entrepreneurship, in collaboration with UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

UCLQ’s Challenge Innovation Fund

The call for the Challenge Innovation Fund to support proof-of-concept and demonstrator projects in quantum technology start-ups led by UCLQ students and staff is now open! You can download the application form from here. Below you can find listed some of the start-ups and spin-outs set up by our students, staff and alumni are listed below. 

Rahko Ltd 

Quantum simulation and machine learning 

Founders: Leonard Wossnig, Edward Grant, Ian Horobin, Miriam Cha 

Quantum Motion Technologies Ltd

Quantum computing hardware

Founders: John Morton, Simon Benjamin


Generative Tensorial Networks

Founders: Vid Stojevic, David Wright, Parminder Ruprah, Jarryl D'Oyley

PhaseCraft Ltd.

Quantum software and algorithms 

Founders: Toby Cubitt, Ashley Montanaro, John Morton

Q&I: Quantum readiness consulting 

Quantum readiness consulting 

Founders: Dan Browne, John Morton, Simone Severini


AmP logo

Quantum sensors

Founders: Oscar Kennedy, James O'Sullivan, Mantas Simenas


 Magenium Ltd.

Magnum logo

Quantum qubit design

Founders: Paul Brookes, Marzena Symanska, Eran Ginossar, Michael Stern, Eytan Grosfeld


 Zeropoint Motion

Quantum hardware

Founders: Lia Li


We have other start-ups information in various areas of quantum technology – to find out more, please get in touch.