Quantum Spin Dynamics


Virginia Ciriano Tejel


PhD student

email: virginia.ciriano.17@ucl.ac.uk



Research Interests

Silicon quantum dots make excellent qubits due to their long coherence times, small pitch, and compatibility with CMOS technology. My work is focused on improving the readout of these devices using reflectometry and to develop architectures to scale up this technique. My goal is to understand the limits of readout fidelity and, ultimately, achieve single-shot readout necessary for quantum error correction algorithms.

I am also interested in scaling up quantum computers. Specifically, in developing strategies to reduce how the number of interconnections and control lines scales with the number of qubits.

Interesting fact

I used to be unbeatable at Mario Kart.

Select Publications

Spin readout of a CMOS quantum dot by gate reflectometry and spin-dependent tunnelling
VN Ciriano-Tejel, MA Fogarty, S Schaal, L Hutin, B Bertrand, L Ibberson, MF Gonzalez-Zalba, J Li, Y-M. Niquet, M Vinet, JJL Morton PRX Quantum 2 010353 (2021)

A CMOS dynamic random access architecture for radio-frequency readout of quantum devices 
S Schaal, A Rossi, VN Ciriano-Tejel, TY Yang, S Barraud, JJL Morton, MF Gonzalez-Zalba Nature Electronics 2 236–242 (2019)