Quantum Spin Dynamics


Patrick Hogan

Paddy Hogan Portrait Small

PhD Student

email: patrick.hogan.21@ucl.ac.uk 



Research Interests

My research interest is in using spin ensembles as a platform for a "quantum memory". Coupling a spin system (e.g. Bismuth donors in Silicon) to a superconducting resonator allows precise reading and writing of quantum states to the ensemble of donor spins. The long coherence times found in these systems provide a great platform for longer storage of quantum states than found with other qubits. This means that a spin ensemble could be used for storage of quantum states between computations on a separate qubit, acting much like quantum RAM. A hybrid quantum system like this could therefore boast longer storage times and faster gate operations than what is achievable using an individual quantum system. 

Interesting fact

I have raced on both the Goodwood and Castle Combe motor circuits.