Quantum Spin Dynamics


Mathieu de Kruijf

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PhD student

email: mathieu.kruijf.20@ucl.ac.uk

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Research Interests

My interest lies in the scalability of quantum computing using silicon spin qubit devices. In particular for CMOS fabricated devices as there is a great scaling potential given the readily available about CMOS fabrication. Exploring the fundamental physical propeslrties in these devices is essential but at the same time there is a need to scale up our measurement techniques to be able to control and test our quantum devices.

Developing techniques to quickly characterize qubits and their fundamental properties in a high throughput setup is of great interest to me. To be able to better get an understanding of the scalability of CMOS qubits and obtain statistics on their qubit characteristics.

Interesting fact

I once won a football match in front of a crowd of 15000.