Quantum Spin Dynamics


Felix Donaldson

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PhD student

email: felix.donaldson.18@ucl.ac.uk



Research Interests

I study optically active spin qubits in wide bandgap semiconductors such as diamond and Silicon Carbide. These crystallographic defects can host spin states which have long coherence times at room temperature and are able to transfer their quantum information to photons, which can be used as part of a wider quantum network or as a readout mechanism.  

A primary application of these spin qubits is in nanoscale sensing of magnetic, electric, temperature and strain fields. For example, integration of the nitrogen vacancy center in diamond into a confocal optics – AFM system has allowed for the mapping of magnetic fields with nm precision.  

In addition to my research, I am engaged in various public engagement activities, most recently through UCL’s Trellis scheme.

Interesting fact

When I was 14, I played Augustus Coverly in a Library theatre production of Arcadia.

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