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Keynote 2017 

About the keynote speaker: Professor Jonathan Tritter

Jonathan Tritter

Jonathan is Professor of Sociology and Public Policy at Aston University. Since coming to Aston Jonathan has served as Associate Dean for Research and is currently Deputy Dean for the School of Languages and Social Sciences. He is leading an innovative cross-university approach to supporting the development of research and drafting grant proposals.

Before joining Aston (in October 2014) he was a Professorial Fellow in the Institute of Government and Public Management in Warwick Business School and led the University of Warwick MPA. Jonathan's main research interests relate to public participation and lay experience in policy making and service development particularly in relation to health and environmental policy.

Jonathan established and led the National NHS Centre for Involvement from 2006-2009 and was Editor-in-Chief of Health Expectations from 2008-2014. He is supporting the development of Public Health England's public involvement strategy, is Chair of the Public Health England Equality Forum and a member of Public Health England Health Equity Board. Jonathan is a Docent at the Department of Sociology at the University of Helsinki and a Visiting Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute.

Jonathan has more than 92 publications including three co-authored books and has received funding from the ESRC, Finnish Academy and a number of other public sources. He is involved in a range of international and national research and development work that focuses particularly on the evaluating the impact of patient and public involvement and the distinction between patient involvement and public involvement.