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Maryam Tariq Marzouq Al-Shamlan

Maryam Tariq Marzouq Al-Shamlan

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Exploring the dialectic of the Qatari identity formation on the verge of modernization
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This research project studies the concept of the Qatari identity: its forms, the changes and the manner in which it is being shaped in modern day Qatar.  The study investigates whether Qatar is ultimately moving towards embracing nationalism in its Western sense or whether a unique form of nationalism is being cultivated by the state. The question of identity in Qatar will be addressed through studying the emergence of Qatar Foundation as a possible agent of change having a role in shaping the Qatari identity and society. The research seeks to explore Qataris' perceptions about Qatar Foundation and its role in the process of identity formation today on one hand and on the other hand their perceptions on the state's overall social engineering efforts to shape the Qatari identity through various events and initiatives.

The research project will provide a unique insight into the on going process of identity formation and the development of the Qatari imaginary in relation to identity in a contemporary world. Through it's interdisciplinary approach the research will highlight and investigate dialectic between the meanings, concepts and cultural representations produced by the state and how they are received by the society- a continuous process that contributes to the formation and reformation of the Qatari identity.