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Alkindi Mahmoud Al Jawabra 

Male Avatar

Heritage Discourses and Practices in Conflict and Post-Conflict Contexts in the Arab World
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Contrary to current conventional heritage approaches in conflict and post-conflict contexts, which focus on the preservation and reconstruction of the outstanding tangible monuments, archaeological remains and objects, I investigate alternative approaches to the questions of culture and heritage in these contexts. The focus of my research is more on people and their normative cultural practices of everyday life than on heritage sites and objects, and more about the present and future than it is about the past. Aiming to develop a people-centred and future-oriented approach to the questions of cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict contexts in the Arab World, I employ an ethnographic research strategy that draws on a wide spectrum of heritage studies in both the Arabic and English-speaking worlds, as well as other various fields such as Arabic and Islamic studies, post-conflict studies, peace studies and terrorism studies. 


Dr. Karen Excell

Dr. Murray Fraser

Prof. Rob Carter