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Dr Georgios Papaioannou

Georgios Papaioannou

Associate Professor in Museum Studies
Tel: +974 4000 2805

Dr Georgios Papaioannou is an Associate Professor for the MA in Museum and Gallery Practices. He has lectured, excavated, led tours and conducted museum / cultural heritage work in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Syria, Oman, Turkey, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. He has set-up exhibitions in Jordan (the Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth, Dead Sea), Oman, Sweden and at various museums in Greece. He has led and coordinated multi-partner cross border research and innovation projects, and he received project coordination international awards. Dr Papaioannou is General-Secretary of the Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies, Director of the Museology Lab in Corfu (Greece) and a member of ICOM.

Dr Papaioannou has studied archaeology, classics, cultural heritage and IT in Greece (Ioannina, BA), in Britain (MA at UCL, PhD at King's) and in Spain (Tenerife). His research interests lie in museology, archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arab World, education (including e-learning), tourism (including city tourism), cultural studies and IT applications, including virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile applications. He is currently writing a book on museology as a discipline of information sciences.

Selected Publications

Papaioannou, G., Poulimenou, S. & Andrianou, A. (2017), Cultural and Creative Industries on the Old Town of Corfu, Greece: Creative Industries in the Development of a Cultural Economy, Proceedings of 5th UNESCO UNITWIN Conference - Culture, Tourism and Development, Local Identity and Tourism Management on World Heritage Sites, Coimbra: 18 - 22 April 2017, 393- 406.

Deliyannis, I. & Papaioannou, G. (2016), Augmented Reality Edutainment Stystems for Open-Space Archaeological Environments: the Case of the Old Fortress, Corfu, Greece. In: Deliyannis, I., Kostagiolas, P. & Banou, Ch. (ed.), Experimental Multimedia Systems for Interactivity and Strategic Innovation, Hershey, PA (USA): IGI Global, 307-323.

Papaioannou, G. & Paschou, S. (2016), Do predators go digital? Discussing museum ethics in the digital habitat, 39th Ammual ICOFOM Symposum, Milan 3-9 July 2016.

Papaioannou, G. & Paschou, S. (2016), Animatronics; From movies to museum. The Casa Parlante Living History Museum in Corfu, Greece, "TABOO - TRANSGRESSION - TRANSCENDENCE in Art & Science", 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Department of Audio and Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, 20-22 May 2016.

Richani, E., Papaioannou, G. & Banou, Ch. (2016) Emerging opportunities: the internet, marketing and museums, 20th International Conference onCircuits, Systems, Communications and Computers (CSCC 2016), Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2016.

Deliyannis, I. & Papaioannou, G. (2014), Augmented Reality for Archaeological Environments on mobile devices: a novel open framework. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, v. 4, 1-10.

Politis, K.D. & Papaioannou, G. (2013), The Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth: A New Museum in Safi, Jordan, 12th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan (ICHAJ) "Transparent borders", Berlin, May 5 - 11, 2013 at Humboldt-University.

Politis, K.D., Papaioannou, G. & Khasawneh, T. (2013), Site museums with global appeal, The 7th World Archaeological Congress, The Dead Sea - Jordan, January 13-18, 2013.

Papaioannou, G. (ed.), 2013, Guest Editorial on Museum Ethics, presented in the 4th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics (ICIL 2011), Thessaloniki, Greece (20-21 May 2011), Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies, vol. 11, no 1 (London: Ubiquity Press Open Access) [available online at http://www.jcms-journal.com/collections/special].

Papaioannou, G. & Stergiaki, A. (2012), Students as Co-Curators in the Virtual Museum of Folk Musical Instruments for Children: Roles, Rules and Realities, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, v.1, n.4, 631-645.

Papaioannou, G. (2012), Quantification of pottery. In: Politis, K.D. (ed.), Sanctuary of Lot at Deir 'Ain 'Abata in Jordan Excavations 1988-2003, Amman: Jordan Distribution Agency, 218-222.